Winter In Barbados

  While this blog isn’t by definition a travel guide, from time to time I reblog posts from vacationers who have visited Barbados so that you will get a visitor’s take on a Barbados holiday. Some of their articles may help you to plan your trip by providing authentic advice or tips based on their … More Winter In Barbados

Serenity & Wellbeing

As a holiday island with tropical breezes and good sunshine Barbados has plenty to offer by way of serenity and wellbeing. I should know because it is where a few years ago I regained my serenity and wellbeing.

A Visitor’s View

As many of you know, I took a trip to Barbados in the West Indies at the beginning of June to celebrate my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary. We stayed in the beautiful town of Hastings, Christchurch for 8 days – a relatively touristy area with plenty of beautiful beaches, restaurants, bars and transport links to […] … More A Visitor’s View