Still In Canada

Yes, I am still in Canada.   Noooo… I am not here to stay and yes, I did not expect to stay this long but things have a way of happening.  Sometimes they pile up, and sometimes they take some unravelling too.

Canada is a beautiful country, and while it is not Barbados it is proving to be just as endearing weather-wise.  Summer here is like a Caribbean dream, except for the lack of sea and sand, with some really hot days and nights.  Birds singing in the morning and cool breezes ever so often.  I lie on the deck, on the wood itself, and breathe in the morning and evening air while the wood exudes its great strength and gorgeous odours, releasing the warmth and comfort it naturally acquires.


I find the countryside/greater suburbia to be a restful place, and it has inspired me to longer walks and even some jogging along its many walkways. This in turn has improved my stamina and physical fitness; so “hi-ho” Canada!

Canada and Barbados has a long and enduring relationship.  Historically, and Politically, we share some few things inherited from the English but our main congruence I suspect is an understanding of what it means to be independent.  To think freely, to love earnestly, to carve our own destiny, to treasure Peace, to work well and honestly, to, dare I say, mind our own business.

Barbados recently, back in November 2016 celebrated it 50th anniversary of Independence.  Canada on the other hand just passed its 150th milestone on July 1 (anniversary of Confederation) this year.

We have come a long way.  We are travelling well…


3 thoughts on “Still In Canada

    1. Thank you. Not back home but in England. (sob sob). I hope to be back soon though. God bless.
      P.S. I still do my ‘O Canada’ many mornings as I did there…I used to go out on the deck to have my morning tea n CIG and the opposite had his flag flying, so I got inspired! Here it is usually the Bajan Anthem first. 🙂

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