Clippings From My Life

Back In Barbados

A Rainy Day.

I couldn’t go to the beach today and was feeling a bit down, so I called my cousin in Boston, U.S.A. as I need some cheer because it is raining and I cannot get to the beach!  Then she mentioned she was watching her next-door neighbour  shoveling snow and that she herself was about to go do the same.

Immediately I felt better.  I remembered the cold dampening depressing rain of England and thought again how lucky and blessed  I was to be back home.  The rain here is warm and gentle.  Yes, gentle, even when it is thundering down.

It is soothing.

A quiet afternoon at Accra Beach.  A refreshing drink from the pleasant staff of a nearby booth and I am at peace.

I look around and there is the new bride in her beach-wedding bride outfit enjoying the end of the special day with the friends and well-wishers still laughing and chatting around the bridal table.

A cool mid-day breeze blowing.  Time for lunch.  I am so at ease here sitting on the bed, with a favourite film on and the sound of traffic and rustling palm branches, that I pause to look out the door and up at the sky.  Yes, it is real.

The sky is so blue and the slowly drifting scattered fluffy white clouds seem to be telling me to relax.  Lunch is not an issue.  It is just another pleasure, to be accepted gratefully regardless of size or content.  So, what shall it be?  Baked Potato with Tuna?  “Not today.” I think.  “Today I will see what is on the Menu at the nearby Shop.”

Whatever they have, I know it will be good.



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