Orchid’s Glory

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆ Orchid’s glory in new year Elegant girl prays with mystic lucky arrow Blue sky dreams golden nebula Luxurious flowers smile for gorgeous bright spirit Shining eternal love by jo… Source: Orchid’s Glory

Barbados – Tourist-Focused Island with Food Vulnerabilities

Originally posted on Greg Sample (Florida) Blog:
BarbadosImage: tripadvisor.com Based in Florida, Greg Sample leverages leadership experience in the insurance and financial spheres as head of Zagato Business Analysis. An avid traveler, Greg Sample has visited numerous Florida and Caribbean island destinations over the years, with his favorite locales including the Bahamas and Barbados. An…

New Year Rules

Smile. Love. Forgive. Create. Get outdoors. Read. Learn something new-even just a new word. Try a new food. Exercise for 5 minutes minimum twice each day. (Start stretching/limbering up). Be HAPPY.  Life is not a rehearsal.

Captivating Caribbean – Barbados — Ticker Eats the World

A family vacation, a cruise – half way around the world, one of the severest winters seen by Europe, the warm Caribbean weather living up to its name; Captivating Caribbean is a small series where I shall cover some of the stops we made during this 14-day cruise. Hopefully these “photo-essays” with the occasional tips … More Captivating Caribbean – Barbados — Ticker Eats the World