Zone One

Here are some unadulterated photos of the beach just outside the Coconut Court Hotel, Hastings, Barbados.





This beach forms part of my favourite South-Coast walk that begins around Browns Beach and ends anywhere short of Worthing Beach.  It has the feel of seclusion, yet it is open and affords a nice jog or stroll in either direction for the health conscious and lovers alike.








It is a quiet spot to sit, reflect, chat, have a cocktail (the hotel has a small bar on the beach for locals and guests alike), snooze, sunbathe, take photographs, or even daydream.


This beach has a  flavour and character that I will describe as “comforting”.  It is not only that you can relax and gather your thoughts, but that something about the place “comforts” you.  I deliberately go here when my heart needs it;  and other times when I am merely passing by on my walk I smile and breathe easy as I know I can always come back if I need it.

It is my Zone One.



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